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Cual hosting prefieres para descargar los cursos? | Which hosting service do you prefer for download the lessons? octubre 5, 2007

Posted by Romexi in Encuesta | Survey.
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Ahi les dejo la encuesta para que voten y pues seleccionar el servidor de Hosting por el cual voy a subir toda la información que tengo y que voy a recopilar. Pulsa Aquí para votar

Enligsh Speakers

Select the best hosting service for upload/download all the content (lessons, articles, images, audio, documents) you can vote Here

Hosting Service | Servicio de Hosting



1. WizardCrack - octubre 6, 2007

“WHO HOSTING??” Better go back to school and review your english lessons!! I am sure you’re not talking about a person, therefore you should’ve used WHICH instead!! Besides, if it’s a question you’re making , you must use the auxiliary DO. There may be other mistakes but I ain’t willing to do anything else!

2. Vassily - octubre 6, 2007

Thank you for the tip ;), however I´m learning a couple of languages. I don´t have time for all of these


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