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10 Razones para aprender Español | 10 Reasons to Learn Spanish noviembre 16, 2007

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Hi, This is Online Spanish Translator propertly, it is a simple quote

Here we go

The fastest and easiest way to pick up Spanish is to start with basic grammar, and have some cool reasons for learning the language. just a few simple rules is all it takes. So………

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Learn Spanish From your Friendly Online Spanish Translator

Reason # 10 You want to impress your date at a Spanish restaurant by ordering in Spanish.

Reason # 9 You loved the movie Man of la Mancha so much tat you want to read Don Quijote in its original language.

Reason # 8 When you meet Paloma Picasso on the street, you want to be able to ask her questions she’ll understand.

Reason # 7 When you get pulled over for speeding in Tijuana, you don’t want to wind up in jail.

Reason # 6 You want to buy time-share property on the beach in Puerto Rico and need to be able to negotiate Puerto Rican style.

Reason # 5 You want to study flamenco dancing in madrid.

Reason # 4 You can get a discount on Cuban cigars if you order them en espanol.

Reason # 3 You want to sing along with Richie Valens when they play “La Bamba” on the oldies station.

Reason # 2 You want to run with the bull sin Pamplona, but they don’t understand English.

Reason # 1 Cancun

Don’t sound like an inexperienced Gringo! Take the plunge and learn to speak Spanish TODAY!

The Reason 1 (Cancún) is the most important, believe me hahaha. Bye the way for the 10 reason you can see the Un Semestre de Español – Canción de Amor| One Semester of Spanish – Love Song it´s a nice video


Un Semestre de Español – Canción de Amor | One Semester of Spanish – Love Song octubre 29, 2007

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Aqui les dejo un video bastante interesante acerca de como un hablante del ingles canta una cancion de amor pero en español 😛


A guy singing a love song, only with one semester of Spanish

What he say on the video, check down.

Hi girl!
What’s your name?
My name is Mike. My name is Mike.

Where’s the bathroom?
Happy Birthday!
What time is it?
What time is it?


I like the library.
I live in a red house.
I have two bicycles.
Thank you and you’re welcome.

How old are you?
One moment please.

It’s the one semester of Spanish spanish love song.

My mom is pretty.
My cat is very white.
Excuse me, excuse me.


One, two, three, and four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Nine, ten … I don’t remember how to say eleven.

Antonio Banderas.
Large nachos and cinnamon twists.

It’s the one semester of Spanish spanish love song.